Functional Medicine Health Coaching with Meg Magnusson

As your personal health coach, my role is to provide you accountability and support to make a change and take action. 

Coaching sessions gives you the time to speak on a private, one-on-one basis with me to share your health concerns, goals, questions, struggles and challenges. Together we work as a team to get you started on your individual path to optimal wellness!

As a Functional Medicine Health Coach my model focuses on five key components:
  • THE FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE MODEL – Individualized, client-centered, evidence-based approach to address underlying cause of disease and promote optimal wellness.

  • FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION – Food is energy, information, connection and medicine. Functional nutrition focuses on clean, whole foods.

  • MIND-BODY MEDICINE – Emotions, thoughts, and beliefs affect physical health. This approach utilizes techniques to lower stress and generate healing.

  • POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY – A scientific approach that incorporates strengths, values, a sense of purpose and meaning to create positive health outcomes.

  • THE COACH APPROACH – A collaborative approach which is client-centered. Focus is on needs and goals of client.


Coaching sessions are for those who want:
  • Personalized 1:1 support to implement your desired goals

  • Individualized accountability

  • Maximized progress and long term success and results

  • Guidance on how to work through obstacles that arise on their health journey

Coaching is about collaborating together to ask “How do I take this plan, put it into action and make it successful for ME?”

No matter how big or small that first step is, I will be there to help you get started, keep you motivated and support you throughout the process!

Meg Magnusson, FMCHC-C

Meg is an Associate Licensed Counselor and a Functional Medicine Health Coach.  She received her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Northern Illinois University and her coaching certification at Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. As a health coach, Meg believes in the power and value of lifestyle on one’s overall health and wellness vision. Whether you need support for a chronic disease or want to lose weight, have more energy, reduce stress or simply improve overall wellness, Meg will help you create a multifaceted approach to your well-being. Areas of exploration may include sleep, nutrition, movement, stress-reduction practices, and social connection.  Together we will explore both internal (mind, body, and spirit) and external (physical and social) factors that influence your overall health. Outside of work, Meg enjoys time with her family and friends, as well as running, writing, being in nature, and engaging and learning about holistic health and self-growth.

Complimentary Discovery Call

A free, no obligation call to discuss how we can work together to help you reach your health and wellness goals.  As a health coach, I will work with you to create your personal plan to help you live a thriving life.

The Renew Plan
Jumpstart your health with five sessions of personalized guidance, support and accountability. These focused sessions will get you on the path toward your personal wellness goals through one-on-one supportive coaching.
  1. ONE 60-MINUTE FOUNDATION SESSION -- Co-create a wellness plan through an in-depth exploration of health and lifestyle as well as your needs, goals and vision for future.

  2. FOUR 30-MINUTE FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS  --  A continuation of personalized coaching to help you with goals and challenges in your wellness vision.

  3. ONGOING SUPPORT AND COMMUNICATION  -- Receive a follow-up communication after each session, detailing customized support.

  4. TOOLS AND RESOURCES  -- Handouts, articles, tips and tools which are individualized and specific toward needs.

  5. PERSONAL RELAPSE PREVENTION PLAN -- A collaborative approach to address challenges and concerns moving forward emphasizing strengths and positive psychology.