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Telehealth Instructions for Clients

The first step in secure Telehealth with your health care provider is to create your Jituzu Client Portal.

Setting Up Your Client Portal - for Clients

What equipment do I need?

You can access your Client Portal account and/or use Telehealth from either a computer or a mobile device.

For Telehealth, you will need:

  • An external or internal integrated microphone

  • An external or internal integrated camera

  • An internet connection on your computer or 4G/LTE/Wifi connection on your mobile device.

What browser should I use on a computer?

Firefox or Chrome are used for Telehealth on a computer.

Telehealth from a computer or laptop

In your Client Portal account, any upcoming teleconferences will be listed in your menu bar once your health care provider has designated an appointment as a video conference.  Log into your Client Portal shortly before your appointment and you will see options for:

  • Videoconference

  • Video Conference Checklist

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