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GRIEF YOGA (90 minutes)


If you a grieving a loss, this heart-centered and vulnerable practice honors love as a sacred, profound healing channel.

Grief Yoga uses breath, movement, sound and ritual to access and release pent up emotions in order to connect more deeply to love rather than to pain or to struggle.


No prior yoga experience needed. Chair adaptations are available.


$100 private session

$120 semi-private, for 2 students

$150 for 3 students

$160 for 4 students

REIKI (60 minutes)

Reiki is a Japanese healing art practice that works with qi, or life-force energy. Energy is directed to where it is needed in the body, to activate the body's innate capacity to heal itself in order to promote well-being.

Sessions may be deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, may alleviate pain, remove blockages and in general, support overall well-being.

The practice is experienced fully clothed while relaxing on a massage table. There is nothing at all for you to do, except receive.


$80 private session




Guided Visualization Practice


Yoga Nidra is experienced while lying down on your back. You will be still for the entire practice. The only thing to "do" is to listen to and follow the guided meditation. The hard part may be staying awake! 

It is an extremely relaxing and deeply rejuvenating practice, similar to being in a deep sleep cycle. In fact, it is said that one hour of Yoga Nidra is equal to four hours of sleep!


Nidra has the potential to challenge deeply ingrained patterns and to transform them. This is a powerful neurological tool backed by science with great potential to rewire thoughts that no longer serve us and explore our deepest truths.


$75 private session

$90 semi-private (for 2 students)




Have you been struggling with a health and wellness concern and would like suggestions on how to balance your mind, body and spirit with herbs for physical and emotional health? This is not a "take this herb for that symptom" kind of approach; it is personalized based on your individual elemental constitution and works to address root causes rather than masking symptoms.


Prior to your appointment, you will complete an intake form and questionnaire. A minimum of four consultation sessions are required in order to discuss, educate, and follow up. The initial session consists of a discussion of up to 90 minutes to discuss your concerns. Be prepared for a deep dive.


Within a few days or so after the initial meeting, you will receive a written herbal protocol, which in addition to herbs, vitamins and/or supplements, may include other supportive practices, such as dream work, yoga, meditation, breath work, journaling and other mindful practices.

The second meeting is about week later, to discuss the written protocol to educate you on the herbs, practices, herbal preparations, where to buy herbs, etc. and lasts up to an hour.


The third meeting is one month after you've been following the protocol and lasts up to an hour.


The fourth meeting is 3 to 6 months later to ensure long-term success, integrate any necessary adjustments to move away from short-term use herbs.  This session lasts up to an hour.


Individual sessions only. 

1st and 2nd sessions $100/each

3rd and 4th sessions $75/each



Are you curious about going vegan or vegetarian?

Are you newly vegan and don't know where to start without eating the same thing every day?

Are you dealing with multiple food allergies or sensitivities?

Are you craving certain non-vegan foods, perhaps dairy, and want to know what vegan substitutes are available that don't compromise taste?


Wondering how to get enough about protein? What about vitamins and minerals?

I can help with all these concerns!  I've been vegan for 10+ years now, and I would be thrilled to partner with you in your vegan or vegetarian journey. My approach to veganism is "no compromise" on taste; vegan food should always taste delicious and burst with flavors! And I promise, you will get your protein!

Individual sessions only.

60 minutes $75            

90 minutes $100

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