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LiveWell is an online and local community of people who are invested in learning and growing together. From mind-body healing practices and book discussions to tools and tips for personal growth - and even in person retreats for connection and restoration, LiveWell has something for everyone!


$35/MONTH - LiveWell Standard

  • Unlimited Access to All Online Lifeline Wellness Classes


  • Four In Person Classes per Month

  • Monthly Deep Dive (Zoom)
  • Continuously Expanding Online Self Care Toolkit Resource Library

  • Discounts on Workshops and Retreats

$65/MONTH - LiveWell Unlimited

  • Everything in LiveWell I Membership

  • PLUS Unlimited Access to
    all In Person Classes

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Access to Online and In Person Lifeline Wellness Classes

Lifeline offers a multitude of online and in person wellness classes with regular yoga and meditation classes, book clubs, and more. Your LiveWell Membership includes unlimited online classes. Level I Memberships include 4 in person classes per month. Level II Memberships include unlimited in person classes. 

We value providing a safe and comfortable space for our members and visitors. We take pride in offering small classes, compassionate instructors sensitive to individual needs, a full range of necessary props, and classes specifically tailored to promote healing and well-being.

Monthly Deep Dive on Zoom

Each month, one of our Healing Guides (therapists, yoga instructors, counseling interns, etc.) will host a live deep dive, where we will go deeper discussing different healing modalities and topics. The educational section of these calls will be recorded for members to go back and watch later. 

Play Days at Wood Haven Retreat & Farm

Wood Haven Retreat & Farm is a 300 acre peaceful escape from the chaos of everyday life. We host seasonal retreats where ​you can come unwind, connect, enjoy time in nature and community. There's space for fishing, playing cornhole, connect with music, enjoy some tasty treats, walk or ride through the woods, catch a beautiful sunset. This is a time and place to reset and restore, and we can't wait to see you there!

Continuously Expanding Online Self-Care Toolkit Resource Library

Your LiveWell Membership will include access to a private library full of resources, tools, and tips. It can be overwhelming to weed through the endless information on the internet, so we have collected our favorite content, created some of our own, and organized everything by topic. We are always learning and growing and will continue to add to the library each month. 


Discounts on Workshops and Retreats

Lifeline hosts a variety of workshops and retreats, such as restorative yoga retreats, mindful cooking, self compassion workshops, Mother’s Day retreats, and more! LiveWell members will receive priority registration access and exclusive discounts. 

Memberships renew automatically each month
and can be canceled at any time.

Each month we will unpack a topic that greatly influences our personal LiveWell journey. We will spend time learning from evidence-based resources, sharing our own thoughts and ideas and providing support and accountability as we implement new tools from each wellness component.


  • The art of habit design

  • EFT Tapping for removing emotional blocks 

  • Nervous system wellness and the vagus nerve

  • Restoration through creativity, play, nature, unplugging

  • Movement. It's more than you think!

  • Sleep as a key ingredient to healing

  • Breathwork and meditation to turn off the stress response

  • And much more...


“…We remove the impediments to health, toxins, allergens, microbes, poor diet, stress of various kinds and we put in the ingredients for health. The right food, nutrients, light, air, water, movement, exercise, rest, restoration, sleep, connection, community, love, relationships, meaning and purpose. Those are all the ingredients for health. You create the conditions for health.” – Dr. Mark Hyman


A little bit about why we created LiveWell and the impact we hope it has for you.

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Paving the Way

We know the journey of opening yourself up to healing can be overwhelming and filled with unknown. It's not always a "one size fits all" experience, and different things work for different people. We are committed to helping find a path that works for you and guiding you toward tools and resources that will help you create the life you want.


Self Discovery

and Personal Growth

We are always learning and discovering new tools, healing modalities, and ideas. We invite you to join our family of people excited to be growing together.


Healing in Community

Humans need to be in connection with others to thrive. We do not just prefer healthy relationships; we need them. We believe in the power of coming together with other people and recognizing that none of us are in it alone. Through shared experiences of both suffering and joy, community provides the space for healing.

Join LiveWell Today!





Memberships renew automatically on a monthly basis and can be canceled at any time. To cancel your membership, follow the instructions in your confirmation email or email us at


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