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Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching
with Meg Magnusson

"Wellness is multidimensional. Just like you.  I want to help you live well, in mind, body and spirit. Discover and embrace your power as you integrate core lifestyle components that will guide you toward health, transformation and wellness."

Why a Health Coach?

Coaching provides the opportunity to address the multiple facets that create health and wellbeing.  Through our coaching sessions, we co-create and implement a client-centered wellness plan tailored for your personal needs and goals. 
A few areas we can cover in coaching:
•     Food and nourishment
•     Exercise and movement
•     Stress management
•     Work-life balance
•     Sleep and restoration
•     Relationships and community
•     Mind-body connection


Personalized services for clients anywhere in the world, to empower you to feel positive about your life, relationships, career and health.

Virtual Coaching $75 per session

Coaching provides the opportunity to work with a 'whole-person', client-centered approach. I meet you where you are on your journey and come alongside as you navigate the next steps.

Group Coaching

Groups provide an impactful way to work through shared experiences and move toward change. Groups may focus on themes of coping skills for stress, healthy habits, character strengths or building a mindfulness practice. Please connect if you would like to join an existing group or start a new one.


Meg has led workshops on Building Healthy Habits, Eating for a Happier You, Good Gut Health, Strength-Based Parenting and more. If you are interested in hosting a wellness workshop, please reach out for more details.


Hardships, change and growth are not easy
We will work together to find the hope, strength and resilience that resides in you!​


With experience in both the mental health and wellness space, my approach is holistic, encompassing the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of my clients. I believe we all have the capacity to heal and grow when we are given the right tools and feel fully supported.


Coaching gives you the time to speak in a private, one-on-one basis to share your health concerns, goals, and challenges. Together we work to get you started on your individual path to wellness.

Functional Medicine

The Functional Medicine approach looks at the person as a whole. FM understands the complex web of looking at one's history, physiology and lifestyle and it's current impact on your wellbeing.

Additional Modalities

Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Trauma Informed, Motivational Interviewing, CBT, Positive Psychology, IFS

Group and Workshops

I offer group sessions and workshops on the topic of stress, anxiety, self-compassion, character strengths, lifestyle and habits


“Functional Medicine is the science of creating health rather than the science of removing disease. We remove the impediments to health, toxins, allergens, microbes, poor diet, stress of various kinds and we put in the ingredients for health.  The right food, nutrients, light, air, water, movement, exercise, rest, restoration, sleep, connection, community, love, relationships, meaning and purpose. Those are all the ingredients for health.  You create the conditions for health.” – Mark Hyman

Change Starts With Just One Day

Make today that day.

Schedule a 20 Minute Discovery Call
(free, no obligation call to discuss how we can work together to help you reach your health and wellness goals)

Contact Meg about
groups and workshops.

Interested joining a
Wellness Community?
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Meg Magnusson

Meg is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach who practices with an integrative framework, incorporating both a trauma-informed and functional medicine lens. She received her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Northern Illinois University and her coaching certification at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.  Her approach includes an appreciation for the client’s bio-individuality, an understanding of lifestyle factors such as nutrition, sleep, movement and relationships and the role of gut health and inflammation on the mind and body.  Understanding these multiple dimensions to wellbeing, she guides clients through a holistic and transformative process.  

Whether a client is looking for support for mental health, creating healthy habits, improving chronic health symptoms, navigating impacts of trauma, or seeking life coaching, Meg believes in championing a sense of agency in those she works with so they feel empowered and strengthened to create lasting change. Coaching provides the opportunity to work with a ‘whole-person’, client-centered approach, advocating the belief that we all have the capacity to heal and grow when we are given the right tools and feel fully supported.  

About Meg
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